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Meet Vance


My early life was spent in Oregon and California, where I grew up in a family of creative artists and jewelers that allowed me to develop my artistic side.  In high school I trained as a long distance runner and was one of the first high school runners sponsored by Nike.  I went to the University of Oregon for rehabilitation of athletic injuries and ran for University of Oregon and almost made it to the Olympics. I then received a degree from the Heartwood Institute in California, one of the finest massage and holistic healing arts schools in the country.

My love for health and fitness brought me to become a body builder, personal trainer and massage therapist in NYC for three years.  In 1997 I moved to Sedona where I discovered myopractics - a lost art that works much deeper than chiropractics - manipulating bones, muscle, and fascia.  I learned from and apprenticed under Curt Harmon for three years - one of the greatest myopractors in the United States.

Sedona has become my home for the last 26 years with it’s amazing eclectic new age spiritual community.  I was able to connect with like minded people and here discovered my love of sound healing.  I love to combine sound healing with body work, energy healing and myopractics.  These modalities combined have now become my specialty.

What is Myopractics?

Latin for "muscle practice" - Myopractics focuses on relieving pain and achieving deep relaxation. It is unique from chiropractics in that it begins by loosening up the tissues, fascia, tendons and muscles before manipulating the bones as a more holistic approach.


Sound Healing & Energy Work

included intuitively in all sessions!

"Vance is amazing!! He cares and is truly passionate about his work. He practices out of his humble abode which has a bunch of trees out front and then inside has sound healing gongs and Buddhas. Good vibes abound, but if you're into bougie spa vibes, this ain't it. This is for those who want the deep WORK that feeds the soul. He's also a great source of info on where to go for hikes or kayaking etc because he's super into that stuff. He's a true local gem!!!"

Taty G.

“Sessions with Vance transport you to a different realm. Super intuitive, fluid bodywork that proves decades of experience. His adjustments are powerful but not forceful. I feel aligned, calm, and ready to move throughout the rest of my week with so much more ease.”

Janell Sharma

"I am a Sedona resident referred to Vance to help with my hip which was heading towards surgery.  I could barely walk in April 2020 and within ten months my hip has almost completely healed. The doctors found out that my hip had a slight birth defect - hip dysplasia- and that healing this without surgery was a miracle. Beyond the myopractic work which helped heal my hip, it was the best massage I ever had. I continue to see him for deep massage and myopractic adjustments. He also recommended specific exercises, a clean diet and inner child work to help with past trauma.  He referred me to several other Sedona healers that are wonderful! I hear he is very beloved in the Sedona community :-)  Vance has an incredible gift for healing both body and mind.  I highly recommend Vance as a peak Sedona experience."

Vimala Sperber


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Call/Text: 928.301.0289
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